What We Do

AC Concepts Group - Services

AC CONCEPTS is a restaurant consultancy founded by Spanish chef José Alonso, who has years of experience launching and operating restaurant concepts.

Years of expertise have made him a master when it comes to front and back of house operations. This led him to his passion for helping others fulfill their vision and doing so in a creative, collaborative, and meaningful way.

Working with AC CONCEPTS is working with José Alonso directly. Our team of experts will work with you to design a restaurant, from ideation to reality, from brand identity & marketing to day to day operations. Every step is carefully programmed and tailored to your brand’s vision, creating efficient operations and logistics. We take care of everything, from opening new concepts to rescuing existing restaurants struggling to keep up with logistical and operation challenges.

  • Concept + Design

  • Market Analysis

  • Business Model

  • Brand + Architectural Design

  • Marketing

  • Operations & Logistics

  • Ongoing support

  • Project Management

  • Food & wine menu design